The Future of Insights Analytics

Posted by Marco Raffaelli on May 21, 2019 2:08:49 PM

The number of customer touchpoints that generate data continues to proliferate, providing researchers with more insights in more places than ever before. But communicating and acting on those insights is often challenging without the help of solutions built to handle them. These challenges include:


              1. Data platforms that don’t talk to each other

              2. Exponentially growing stores of complicated data

              3. Difficulty in sharing insights efficiently

During his presentation at IIeX North America 2019, titled “The Future of Insights Analytics”, Chris Modzelewski provided his perspective on how societal shifts are driving change in the insights industry, and the implications for insights professionals as they select, evaluate, and work with insights analytics platforms.

For a detailed breakdown of what insights professionals will need to meet growing demands in an increasingly complex data environment, watch the full presentation below. The talk will also address topics such as:

    • How can researchers simplify their process for surfacing and sharing insights?
    • What role will people play in connecting data sources and structures?
    • Can the capabilities of technology scale with the growing volumes of data?




If you’d like to learn more about what we’re doing at MarketSight to meet these evolving needs, schedule a platform demonstration with a member of our team.

Topics: data collection, insights